Extended Reality (XR) is the broad-term to describe Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR), and Augmented Reality (AR) experiences. To cover this term completely, Sim-Tech has incorporated all-forms of simulation training into their Sim-Tech Driving Simulator Series and Models.  

All Sim-Tech Series Driving Simulators offer an Extended Reality (XR) experience, where your physical cab and body are brought into our virtual worlds for dynamic training exercises. With your Digital Twin Model, you will be able to complete training in an environment without consequences with a Extended Reality (XR) experience. Training Transcripts and Certificates are available for Online, and Offline configurations.

Virtual Reality (VR) only builds and software complement your Digital-Twin Vehicle(s). Perform vehicle inspections in Virtual Reality (VR) with an existing Neo Series Driving Simulator, or a stand-alone Virtual Reality (VR) capable machine. Each digital twin vehicle modeled in Pre-trip Pro (PTP) will include all necessary points of inspection to ensure the vehicle is in proper working order before operation.

Extended Reality (XR) Capable Digital Twins

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Virtual Reality (VR)

Mixed Reality (MR)

Driving Simulators (XR)


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