The primary focus at Simulation Technology is the best equipment possible for training. To accomplish this task, we sector our other primary complementing divisions to focus on their own areas of expertise. This unique combination is unmatched in our competitive space for leaders conducting top-tier training programs and curriculums. 

Excel Driver Services

Safety Training and Driver Services
Excel Driver Services is the subject matter expert in safety training, with over 140,000 driver operators on the road today. As the sole and primary operating LLC, Excel Driver Services has been in the simulation training sector since 1996, and out of necessity has built Simulation Technology and Drive Prodigy as the ultimate tool to serve their customers.

Drive Prodigy

Drive Prodigy Learning Management System (LMS)
Drive Prodigy is the bridge between safety and compliance training for leaders in the safety sectors of their respective industries. The Drive Prodigy Learning Management System (LMS) is equipped to handle all forms of training primarily focusing on Hands-on training, extended reality (XR) learning, and self-paced online safety training. Propriatary data is accessible live to students and safety managers for predictive analytics and area of improvement (AOI) AI training.