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We are the leader of world-class, innovative driver simulators. Our development in training programs to complement our systems provide a user experience that is unparalleled. Add our training concepts and data system, and you have a complete training process in one form. Train drivers from entry-level to advanced, and awaken instinctive driver behavior that enables constant journey management safety to drivers. We believe in “Building Drivers,” not just delivering hardware.

About Sim-Tech

Sim-Tech delivers real training results to clients looking for more than common forms of user experience in training. We are the leader in advanced technology, training concepts, and deliver them through many different designs in virtual reality. We are different in that we listen to our customers needs, and deliver training consistent with their work field, and we do it better than anyone else. Continual development through thousands of students and experiences from our parent company Excel Driver Services have enabled us to design, build and deliver systems that are the most advanced, create engaging experiences that drivers can use in the real world.
In addition, we believe in simplicity for the user experience- our systems are easy to use, develop, and customize- and we build systems that are durable, fully mobile capable, and have longevity. Our virtual-reality simulators will impact your training, shorten training time, provide situation awareness to your drivers that you simply cannot perform any other way, and most importantly, WE DELIVER RESULTS. There are many ways to invest in your safety needs; Let Sim-Tech show you how we can provide you with a product that improves safety and results with our custom-designed training platforms.

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Sim-Tech simulators replicate cabs in the fields of work they will train in. We offer multiple cab designs dependent on the needs and requests of our clientele. We can incorporate a full variety of different functional instrument panels based on client requirements. Add or change accessories for unparalleled user experience. These systems adapt to our clients’ needs and take concepts to reality. This is NOT a video game, however when training can be repeated and procedurals are developed drivers experience how to do more with less in ways not possible without the physical risk and liability, yet they “wire” experience into a driver as if it happened in a real situation.


“Simulators build memories to avert accidents, engage the driver physiologically, and affect the brain’s amygdala, the part of the temporal lobe which forms memories associated with emotional events.”

Situations where potential threats are present AND incidents resulting in simulation train drivers what not to do; they teach drivers where mistakes are made and educate them in how to avoid future occurrences when a real threat occurs- essentially, we believe in training drivers to be “combat ready” to situations drivers will incur based on the type of training provided.

Experience one of our systems, surrounded by the latest thin bezel LCD monitors is enough to get your mind racing, but just wait until you’re driving down a country road or a crowded urban street while responding to a life-threatening emergency. Experience brake failure. Drive into any of several weather-related environments, such as a snowy mountain pass, or experience an evasive situation that requires critical thinking. Most situations our clients deal with we can replicate.

Fully interactive & turn-key Driving simulator Systems

Simulation Technology is proud to present our Classroom and Mobile Law Enforcement Driving Simulator System Packages; the most advanced driving sim program of its kind on the market. Our industry-leading driving simulators combine our knowledge and experience gained over two decades of driving simulation evolution—now being accelerated by the rapidly advancing technologies developed around virtual reality and gaming technology. This enables us to meet the ever-growing need for better driver safety training.




Some of the unique aspects of our company’s technology and our Driving Simulation Systems
(many of them “firsts” in the industry) include:

  • A true 230+ degree field of view created using a 5-Screen array of 46″ ultra-thin bezel LCD
  • Full interior vehicle cab renderings, including mirrors, A and B Pillars and sight lines throughout the geo-world that are geometrically correct from the driver’s eye point. This is crucial for positive training of clearing intersections and defining accurate spatial relationships between the interior and the exterior of the cab, so the students can acclimate and train effectively.
  • 2-year full-service warranty and software upgrades are included at no additional cost.
  • Our extended warranty packages are the most economical on the market due to our advanced technology and driver sim configuration of running our simulators on ONE computer. Simulation Technology’s commitment to ongoing curricula, scenario, and model development throughout the life of our partnership is a high-touch relationship backed by the passion of a team dedicated to the success of our customer-partners.
  • The most accurate vehicle dynamics in the industry…assuring the highest level of operator training possible in a driving simulator system. We work directly with the apparatus & vehicle manufacturing engineering groups and incorporate the actual CAN Bus technology to drive our sim’s component systems and sensors as an alternative to conventional multi-wire looms. In other words, Sim-Tech’s driver training simulators are operated just like the real vehicle and apparatus you drive on the road every day. And when the latest fleet models are ready to hit the market, we’ll have the latest driver sims designed and ready to offer our customers.

Result Oriented Course Training Programs

The underlying foundation for such an employee is achieved through Result Oriented Course Training Programs. ROCT lays foundations based on Safety and Physiological needs, specific to each driver. With a combined 26 years’ industry experience, ROCT is tuned-in and ready to deliver safety programs for your specific needs & custom learning paths to accommodate each and every driver’s physiological needs.


What’s at your core foundation?

A solid foundation must be laid before one can reach self-actualization as an employee.

A “self-actualized” employee is:

1 – A proactive problem solver,
2 – An employee comfortable with making decisions, and
3 – A confident professional that can continue to grow in experience as an active team member.


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