Digital-Twin Cities, Town, and Worlds

For clientelle that require location-specific training. Geo-specific worlds are Digital Twin Cities, which we map to an exact block radius. Not only can we re-create a city to an exact block radius in high fidelity with advanced ground physics, but we can also deliver Digital Twins of your precise location. Whether this is a job site, or an unmapped location, we deliver a Geospecific World that you can train in without consequences.

Geospecific Worlds

When training requires precise locations, look no further than our Geospecific World Option for your Driving Simulator. When re-creating the Digital Twin locations, we require a location expert to sign-off. We are able to work on a Per-Project basis or are able to provide long-term support through our AGILE Geospecific World Creation Process. 

  • Learn the intricacies of a Digital Twin environment before you arrive
  • Save equipment components from unnecessary wear and tear in a controlled environment
  • Practice in an environment without consequences 
  • Complete day-to-day activities with the feeling that “you’ve been here before”
Use Cases
  • Leaders looking for an exact replication of:
    • Training Grounds
    • Digital Twin Cities
  • Students in need of geospecific location training
  • Managers who need record of training in Digital Twin Cities with controllable environments


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