The Sim-Tech Recording Studio is the ultimate source for recording high-fidelity training events for record-keeping, research, and predictive analytics. The recording studio is built as a stand-alone system, or can be integrated into the existing simulator’s computer system. Recording Studios are configurable with up to 250 TB of local storage and can be integrated with our Online Training Package for Cloud-based storage of your simulation training activities.

Recording Studio

Record all screens, Driver’s head, hand and feet positions, in any-orientation for a custom view and record of training experiences. Connect to the Drive Prodigy Learning Management System for Online Training records and precise recollection of the training event, or locally on a dedicated machine for Offline Training. One of our most recent offerings stemmed from research labs while studying human interactions while driving in a controlled environment. The Recording Studio is created to capture all aspects of driving and can be suited with the following specifications:

  • Up to a 96-Core 192-hyperthreaded CPU
  • Up to 16 monitor display inputs
  • Up to 4 real-time cameras
    • Foot / Pedal camera
    • Overhead Driver camera
    • Hand Camera
    • External Camera Views
  • Advanced Watercooling
  • Up to 4 display outputs for Operator’s Console
  • Driver Safety Advanced driver safety and reporting
  • Precise Recollection Record a visual representation of the driver for immediate playback when you need it
  • Self-Contained Fully integrates with all Sim-Tech Driving Simulator Models and Series
  • Research Using Sim-Tech Driving Simulators for Advanced Research? Gain access to all RAW footage seamlessly while conducting daily training activities
  • Warranty The Recording Studio is covered by the Sim-Tech Warranty 
Use Cases
  • Colleges and schools performing daily training activities
  • Companies looking for advanced fleet analytics
  • First Responders requiring recorded training events
  • Military Servicemembers pushing the bounds of possibilities
  • Institutions conducting research for advanced safety technologies
  • Managers who require visualization of the training event for compliance, safety, and accountability (CSA)


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