With our experience training over 130,000+ drivers, we understand the value of operational vehicles. When training new or existing drivers to operate a manual transmission, look no further than the Sim-Tech Manual Transmission Option. Each Manual transmission is equipped with Digital Twin Vehicle physics. For Models capable of multiple drivable vehicles and configurations, our transmissions are suited for multiple gear patters.

Manual Transmission

Our transmissions use a combination of OEM and machined components that give true and responsive feedback to the driver. This includes gear grinding, proper gear selection at appropriate RPM’s, clutch-depth positioning, and appropriate throttle response. 

  • Learn on Digital Twin vehicles before you you drive the real thing
  • Focus on the students’ shifting weaknesses without worrying about putting a vehicle out of service
  • Practice in an environment without consequences 
Use Cases
  • Leaders looking to reduce out-of-service time
  • Operators driving new vehicles with a unique gear pattern
  • Students learning to drive a manual transmission vehicle 

Multiple Gear Patters Are available for leaders to select the following at whim:

  • 5 Speed
  • 6 Speed
  • 9 Speed
  • 10 Speed
  • 13 Speed
  • 15 Speed
  • 18 Speed

Applicable Gear patterns allow:

  • Low Range
  • High Range
  • Split-gears

Gear Grinding

Digital Twin Response Feedback


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