Genesis Series

Genesis Systems combines realistic driving feedback in a compact footprint. The most capable system in the market for mobile applications, the Genesis Series delivers results to all industry applications with custom cab designs, fit for your specific training needs.

The Genesis Series Driving Simulator is our most popular Series, as it includes the utilization of OEM components as the default package. With or without our Motion Package, learners will get an extended reality (XR) experience, without having to use a XR headset. This is possible due to a 210° field of view (FOV) provided by the Genesis Series for full driver-immersion.

Common configurations include OEM components, in 5 or 6 screen configurations, depending on the Model of your selected driving simulator. 

First Responder



Light Duty


Heavy Equipment


First Responder

The First Responder Genesis Series Driving Simulator is the bread and butter of Simulation Technology. With the majority of our team being comprised of first responders & safety adjudicators, our passion is solely here with our nation’s first responders. We built the Genesis Series as a future proof tool, where compromise is not an option.

Genesis series Driving Simulators are built on an aluminum chassis to prevent rust and to reduce weight when added to a Mobile Classroom. Owners of a Genesis Series Driving Simulator are able to utilize their OEM-equipped driving simulator indefinitely for training applications before their operators get behind the wheel.

Commercial Vehicles

The capabilities of a Genesis Series Driving Simulator for commercial vehicles are unmatched. Utilization of OEM components allows the driver operator to perform activities such as air brake tests while interacting with OEM switches, gauges, and pedals.

When looking for a 360° field of view (FOV) the Commercial Neo Series is an excellent choice for a XR experience. Popular options for Commercial Vehicle Genesis systems include the Motion Package for digital-twin vehicle dynamics, and the Manual Transmission allows the driver to train on non-synchronized transmissions including 9, 10, 13, 15 and 18-speed transmissions. 


Put the Genesis Series to the test every day, and push your training limits with minimal downtime. Military Genesis systems are optimized for maximum up-time for operators and trainers. When configured in a fixed location, students are able to utilize the driving simulator for training with or without an instructor. When an instructor is present, the instructor is easily able to control the training scenarios and environments for any specific training requirements.

Light Duty Vehicles

Light Duty Vehicle Genesis Series Driving Simulators are configurable for medium to large training-environments. Genesis Series allows for multiple students to be trained at a time in a singular classroom space. The OEM dash and components eqipped on the Genesis Series allow precise feel and operation of expected components – which is often imperative for new drivers to learn when practicing driving light-duty vehicles. With the optional Motion PackageManual Transmission, and Neo Series integration, drivers experience driving the vehicle – as if they were in the vehicle.


Transportation Industry Leaders choose the Genesis Series for OEM equipment and component configurations. For training locations with limited space, the Transportation Genesis Series, paired with the Neo Series integration, allows drivers to experience driving a transportation vehicle – as if they were in the vehicle with passengers. With the optional Motion Package, drivers will experience true motion and weight variance as they drive with passengers as they load or unload from the vehicle. 

Depending on the Transportation Model selected, accompanying digital screens replicate the position and operation of all switches and lever configurations. We are able to accommodate any custom configuration or requirement you may have with our Custom Simulator – “Give us the VIN# and we’ll build the SIM.” 

Heavy Equipment

The Genesis platform allows learners to train on OEM equipment in an environment without consequence. Custom configuration requirements for specialty equipment and vehicles are designed to be an exact digital twin replication. Depending on the Heavy Equipment model selected, OEM components are designed for all controls and configurations for exact positioning and operation of all controls. We are able to accommodate any custom configuration or requirement you may have with our Custom Simulator – “Give us the VIN# and we’ll build the SIM.” 


Genesis versions of Accessory Driving Simulators come with the Genesis Package to include OEM components and your pick of digital displays. Accessory Model Driving Simulators are the perfect complement to accompanying vehicle series of driving simulator. For more information, browse the Accessory Genesis Series simulators and their components below.