We are the leader of world-class, innovative driver simulators. Our development of training programs to complement our systems provides a user experience that is unparalleled. Add our training concepts and data system, and you have a complete training process in one form. Train drivers from entry-level to advanced, and awaken instinctive driver behavior that enables constant journey management safety to drivers. We believe in “Building Drivers,” not just delivering hardware.

Sim-Tech delivers real training results to clients looking for more than common forms of user experience in training. We are the leader in advanced technology, training concepts, and deliver them through many different designs in virtual reality. We are different in that we listen to our customers needs, and deliver training consistent with their work field, and we do it better than anyone else. Continual development through thousands of students and experiences from our parent company Excel Driver Services have enabled us to design, build and deliver systems that are the most advanced, create engaging experiences that drivers can use in the real world.

In addition, we believe in simplicity for the user experience- our systems are easy to use, develop, and customize- and we build systems that are durable, fully mobile capable, and have longevity. Our virtual-reality simulators will impact your training, shorten training time, provide situation awareness to your drivers that you simply cannot perform any other way, and most importantly, WE DELIVER RESULTS. There are many ways to invest in your safety needs; Let Sim-Tech show you how we can provide you with a product that improves safety and results with our custom-designed training platforms.



2009 – Simulation Technology was founded and started joint discussion and partnering with Excel Driver Services. Simulation Technology focused on First Responder simulators for Law Enforcement and Fire/EMS driving simulator industries.

2009 – After initial training for USAF, EDS was awarded another training contract for 1,500 personnel due to initial success in 2006-2007 using Sim-Tech Driving Simulators

2010 – Excel Driver Services began training New Hire Orientation classes, conducting a large variety of certifications in OSHA, Health and Safety services.

2011 – Research continued in creating seamless integration of training curriculums including simulation training in the Oil Field industry, providing multiple contracts with fortune 50 companies in 36 states.

2012 – New Omega™ series truck driving simulator created for training commercial vehicles.

20132015 Excel continued to develop products and services to industry served. This included conducting simulation training across the United States.

2016 – Excel developed Drive Prodigy™ as a continuation of research and development to create a platform that could reduce subjectivity in learning and simplify reporting services for all clientele. Diversification became a priority in multiple industries resulting in work with municipal entities, OTR and LTL, Construction and military clientele.

2017 – Sim-Tech added School Bus Genesis simulator. Excel completed the acquisition of Simulation Technology with immediate overhaul of service platform to more modern graphics and capabilities, to include integration into fully Virtual-Reality (VR) options for different products.

2018 – Drive Prodigy™ learning management system released for paperless training and integration with simulation training events in an online accessible portal.

2019 – Development of Predictive Analytics to aid students in skills and behavioral characteristics with programs that develop drivers with different learning styles.

2020 – Sim-Tech enlarges manufacturing center due to demand in production.

2021 – National Crane Simulator designed for clientele to be incorporated with existing Sim-Tech Driving Simulator systems.

2023 – Multiple new simulators released for transit and fire industry with deliveries throughout the nation. New programs for AAMVA Modernization requirements met for new standards in CDL Testing and Training

2024 – Follow us to see what we’re doing!



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