For advanced leaders, we offer the capability to create custom driving scenarios for integration into your simulation training programs. With the Scenario Creator tool, you are in control of the environment, weather conditions, pedestrian amounts, vehicle density, gradepoints, time of day and more.

Scenario Creator

For clientele who require specific training events, we offer the capability to create your own scenarios. Custom scenarios can be as intricate or as simplified as need be. You will be given the power to integrate these new scenarios into your training programs for consistent-repeatable training. Share your custom created scenarios with everyone enrolled in your simulation classes, and view leaderboards. When integrated with our Online Training Package, the option to participate in global leaderboards is selectable per student or program. 

  • Recreate Exact situations, for a repeatable training event in an environment without consequences.
  • Tune-in Your existing curriculums with your custom scenarios
  • Adapt Our existing driving scenarios to your specific needs
  • Clone Simulations and create multiple versions of the same training event
  • Advanced User Interface Allows the finest-tuning down to the most microscopic scope of work
  • Intuitive User Interface Means no coding experience required.
Use Cases
  • Curriculum Creators in need of a repeatable trainings in a consistent environment
  • Leaders looking for an exact replication of:
    • Job-defined hazard prevention training scenarios
    • Skill-based accident replication
    • Training Grounds
    • Digital Twin Cities
    • Digital Twin Vehicles
  • Students in need of repeatable, well-defined training events
  • Managers who need a record of training in controllable environments


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