Key Leadership

Key Leaders at Simulation Technology (Sim-Tech) consist of Leaders in the Simulation and Safety communities as well as Senior-level Software, Physics, and Mechanical Engineers. With over 180 years of combined experience in Simulation and Training – We are confident our Driving Simulator Systems will meet and exceed all expectations set-forth by your team.

Jason Emery - CEO

Jason Emery, founder and CEO of Excel Driver Services, (EDS) is a recognized leader in driver and workplace safety. Jason began working in Safety in 1996 with his father, Roy Emery, to deliver custom driver training to industry. Jason and his Father had the foresight to develop simulation-based training programs to compliment traditional classroom and hands-on training. Jason has since developed custom training programs for the military, law enforcement, oil field, utilities, and the transportation industry.

Integrating simulation and traditional training led to discoveries in driver behavior and behavior modification methodologies. It enabled him to deliver risk assessments based on individual driver’s skills and habits, and also programs to successfully change their behavior. In effect, this was a completely new direction for driver education in transportation. It has become the foundation for incident reduction for his clients. Benefits from this system include risk reduction, improved safety, better fuel mileage and improved driver retention.

Since that time, Jason has spent his career dedicated to finding solutions that meet the needs of industry, including the development of the “Solution-Based Driver System™,” a foundation of educational training for drivers to go beyond development of basic skills, giving them the ability to understand the broad range of behaviors that lead to incidents. By changing this dynamic, companies have been able to focus on specific driver weaknesses and reduce the risks associated with every day driving.

Excel Driver Services has trained over 100,000 people since it began in 2001, in all aspects of driver and workplace safety. Jason’s mission is to provide quality driver and workplace education to Corporate America, as well as deliver training solutions to public drivers seeking commercial licenses. In addition, EDS has developed multiple new training programs including Skid Truck ™ training which gives drivers a better understanding of skid control and rollover recovery, and multiple custom workplace programs for his customers.

Historically, EDS has trained in over 30 states. It currently operates out of 3 locations in Colorado and Wyoming, and has mobile training capability to service customers anywhere in the United States. Jason continues developing driver behavior-based solutions for the transportation industry, as it is his primary passion, and the need is so great.

Steve Waymel - President

After starting his professional career at Motorola, at their international headquarters in Schaumburg, IL, Steve started buying and selling businesses in Colorado. For most of those years he has been involved in the transportation, logistics and transportation service industries. After selling Truckload Management, a business with 300 employees, in 2010, Steve started a business coaching firm and worked with companies from a variety of industries. As a business coach, he focused on the basics of strategy, team, financial analysis, planning, and execution, among other things. Steve joined Excel in 2015 as a partner and continues today, working to grow the company, providing help in all areas of business strategy, planning, coaching, finance, and business development.

Completing a BA from the University of Notre Dame, Steve continued to get a Masters in Institutional Administration at UND, and a Masters in International Business from the American Graduate School of International Management. Steve has been married for 41 years, has 8 children, 18 grandchildren, and is very involved with the New Evangelization as called for my Saint Pope John Paul II.

Ian Emery - Director

After Graduating from Colorado State University in May 2017, Ian Emery started his professional career as the 3rd generation leader of Excel Driver Services. He brings the future vision of the transportation industry & with particular regards to progression & efficiency with the incorporation of technology & communication.

Joe Jackson - Creative
Passionate, Innovative, Dependable and Creative Communication Designer.

Joe Jackson, an innovative artist who builds online brands. With over 20 years of communication design, creative innovation and exploration in the digital medium, I held on to what I felt was important – creative freedom, quality of work and curiosity. I provide unique interactive communications. Connecting brands with people. Creating emotional bonds and experiences that make people feel, reflect and discuss.

From the wildest concepts to the finest details, passion, perfection and innovation are at the heart of everything I do. I have a proven track record when it comes to delivering effective branding. I not only am a seasoned website designer but an artist with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Communication Design 1998. I can offer you creative solutions that are both aesthetically pleasing and offer you a return on your investment. When I work with you, I’m focused, passionate and dependable. I certainly have got an eye for detail and beauty, but I’m not just hired to make “things pretty”.

Good ideas add value. I understand your websites users, your business and your competition. I’m constantly learning new skills & techniques which I implement so you the client benefit from cutting edge solutions. I’m in it for the long haul, building trust and relationships. I believe that each client is unique and should be treated so. My philosophy is that the best ideas don’t need explaining. Therefore my methodology is based on simple principles; collaborative tasks filled with constant refinement and iterations.