Whether your Driving Simulator is traveling in one of our Mobile Classrooms or is located in your building, our Simulator Covers keep your system protected from the elements. All Simulator Covers are hand-crafted in-house and are made of the highest quality neoprene material and heavy-duty zippers.

Simulator Cover

For those who are looking into long-term simulation training, a Simulator Cover is something that will keep your simulator looking and functioning as good as new over many years. Whether or not you choose long-term warranty support from our maintenance contracts or not, the cover will keep all excess dust, water, and debris free from your Driving Simulator System.

  • Custom Fit for any Model or Series – Including Neo
  • Neoprene protects your system from the elements
  • Heavy-duty zippers and materials mean a longer-lasting and more durable cover
Use Cases
  • High-traffic training areas
  • Storage short term or long 
  • Focus students and instructors and reveal the Driving Simulator when its time


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