For maximum immersion in advanced driver training scenarios. Each Series of Sim-Tech Driving Simulators is motion capable. We configure each Driving Simulator Model with physical actuators to bring the vehicle to life through real-world feedback. This unlocks life-like steering, braking, acceleration, braking, turning, tank surge, shifting, offroad-driving, racing, and more.

Motion Package

With your Driving Simulator Model and Series selected, configurations of 2-degree-of-freedom (DOF) to 6-degree-of-freedom platforms are available:

  • 2-DOF (Pitch & Roll)
  • 3-DOF (Pitch, Roll & Yaw)
  • 6-DOF available for Custom Simulators
  • Immersive driver training
  • Digital Twin realistic physics
  • Train in inclement weather conditions without driving in the weather
    • Rain
    • Sleet
    • Snow
    • Hail
Use Cases
  • New Drivers learning vehicle physics and dynamics before getting behind the wheel
  • Tank (T) Vehicles with baffled or unbaffled tanks
  • Specialized Operators in control of specialized equipment with custom suspension systems
  • Heavy Equipment Operators driving inclement weather
  • CDL Drivers with an oversized, overweight, and heavy-haul


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