Grants are a great way for your department to receive funding beyond the limits of your operational budget. They can help bridge the gap between your department’s resources and its needs. Grants are meant to be a solution to evolving community problems when budgets aren’t able to adjust quickly enough. Grants can help pay for NFPA-compliant PPE, a new fire apparatus, advanced life support equipment, or even provide funding to hire additional staff. Grants can be a boon for cash-strapped departments looking to expand or maintain their capabilities. The truth is, any department can benefit from a little grant writing help, from the smallest volunteer department to the largest municipal agency.

Who is FireGrantHelp?

  • is a comprehensive resource for departments to obtain funds
  • Powered by FireRescue1, we provide the greatest range of grant resources
  • Grant consultants and experts in the field of firefighting grants

What does FireGrantHelp do?

  • Help you find the RIGHT grant(s)
  • Provide grant assistance, writing, and review for your grant project
  • Help you file a well-written and formatted application on time

Technology Finance Financial Products

  • Flexible structure and payment terms
  • Fair market value leases
  • Capital and finance leases
  • Vendor finance programs

How does FireGrantHelp do it?

  • Demystify grant applications and processing with simple language and instructions
  • Search an extensive database of federal, state, local, foundation, and corporate fire grants – many of which are unknown to most departments

Why do you benefit?

  • Peace of mind working with an established presence in the fire industry
  • Access to grant experts and resources all in one place from your phone or desktop
  • Assurance of program compliance and total confidentiality.

For all grant-related questions:
FireGrantsHelp 200 Green St. Suite 200 San Francisco, CA 94111 or call
Toll Free: 866-463-7792 or Fax: 415-962-8340 

Learn more:
Huntington Technology Finance Manager at: 248-253-9000 


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