Training in remote areas with little to no internet connection, training in Mobile Classrooms, or training off-the-grid are all possibilities with our Offline Training Package. Our true offline training package allows you to take your system fully remote – without the need for services or warranty work. Your truly stand-alone system comes with a suite of self-servicing materials and bundles of scenario-creation tools, and networking with other Sim-Tech Simulator Models and Series.

Offline Training

While we recommend an Online Training Package, we understand the needs and requirements of those who need their Driving Simulator as an offline tool. Contact us to learn more about Offline Training Packages – and how we can better serve your needs. 

  • Stand-alone in an offline environment, where absolutely no internet connection is required to immerse yourself in a Digital Twin world with Digital Twin vehicles
  • No Internet Required untethering your training and curriculums 
  • Train Anywhere & Everywhere especially when equipped with a Mobile Training Classroom 
  • Restrict data-sharing by keeping all training and events on your local machine 
Use Cases
  • Mobile Training Providers needing a consistent training solution 
  • Leaders looking to internalize all training documents on local storage devices
  • Anyone looking for off-grid simulation training spaces


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