Simulation Technology (Sim-Tech) offers multiple Series of driving simulators to allow leaders and operators to hand-select the driving simulator configuration that works best with their allocated training space. 

Our range of driving simulators – from Neo to Omega – accommodates all training spaces and requirements. For everything else, we offer that too. Custom Simulator configurations are available upon request. 






Neo Series

Bring your body and surroundings into our virtual training worlds for a “Training Without Consequences” experience with our Extended Reality (XR) Neo Series driving simulators.

Raptor Series

The leader of light-weight and compact driving simulators utilizing digital dash and digital components.

Revolve Series

All the features and benefits of the Raptor Series driving simulator, with an OEM cab and components.

Genesis Series

Form-factor. Functionality. Footprint. Our most-popular and durable driving simulator series.

Omega Series

Look no further for no compromise or comparison.
“Give us the VIN# and we’ll build the sim.”