While networked training is available for offline training packages, our online training package offers a similar, but more grand experience. Individual organizations, locations and users with verified credentials are able to engage in networked training events anywhere around the world. This proprietary and forward-thinking software unlocks the possibilities for interactive training events, where the training scenarios are now dependent on the other driver(s). Verified companies and individuals with appropriate equipment are able to select to engage in select worlds and instances of training events. All events are verified and recorded on the Drive Prodigy Learning Management System.

Online Training

Our Online Training Package is for those looking to train with other Sim-Tech Driving Simulators around the world. Users with the Online Training package will have access to Company classes, all with accompanying training records.

  • Network multiple driving simulators together for online training
  • Train with other drivers including master trainers and specialized driver operators
  • Function as a single unit
  • Full Integration with the Drive Prodigy Learning Management System
Use Cases
  • Leaders looking to incorporate training with other Company Locations and Divisions
  • Drivers looking to train with Specialized Driver Operators for 1:1 training


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