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Crane Simulator

The Sim-Tech Crane Operator Simulator is designed to be used in coordination with the Sim-Tech Kenworth T-680 simulator or operated as a standalone unit. This unit will deliver essential skills for the training of personnel in major training areas such as missile silo operations and basic lifting platforms. Environmental conditions such as rain, wind, fog, or snow deliver realistic environmental feedback to the student while training.


  • Powered by your existing simulator equipment
  • Available as a standalone training unit
  • Integrated VR Integrated AR
  • Configurable system settings
  • Environmental condition feedback

The Sim-Tech Crane Simulator utilizes the latest state-of-the-art augmented reality (AR) to experience “your own hands” in a workstation. This station consists of a user platform, with an optional 2 degree- of-freedom (DOF) motion base for stability while utilizing dynamics as demonstrated on the 1400H National Crane. The Crane Simulator will perform in conjunction with your existing Sim-Tech AR lineup.

Key functionality on a stand-alone platform

  • Rig-up/rig-down procedures of outriggers
  • Assessment of terrain and payload to be moved
  • Ability to watch from the platform and perform crane operation utilizing controls as on the crane platform
  • Full movement, boom extension, and utilization of payload for 33-ton maximum capacity, 167’ maximum tip height, and load monitor system