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Neo Series

Neo Series

State-of-the-Art Fully Immersive Professional Driver Training

To put it simple, Sim-Tech is pioneering the most advanced technology in the industry. Our unique experience is unmatched in professional driver training and software innovation. In order to meet the training advancements to our customers, we offer the most immersive driver experience possible – exactly how the human brain would like it. When entering see-through virtual reality, you will be encapsulated with a field of view larger than life, with the ability to interact with a 360° virtual world and actual vehicle cab.

Cost Effective Training Without Compromise

Use your body like you would in the real world. With the Neo Series Simulators, your eye point changes with your head movement, allowing you to interact with a 360° environment and actual vehicle cab – exactly like the real world.

  • Tethered Training
  • Minimal footprint
  • Available as an upgrade to all Sim-Tech Simulators, or as a stand-alone system.

Bring Your Body Into a Virtual Training Environment

Neo Series Simulators Key Features:

  • VR Headset Replaces Monitors
  • 200° Field of View at All Times
  • Interact With a 360 Degree Virtual World
  • 3 Degree of Freedom Motion Option
  • Optimized for Mobile Training
  • Single Computer
  • Mass Training Opportunities
  • Minimal Footprint