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Simulation Systems

Our industry-leading driving simulator systems have been developed through knowledge gained from more than a two-decade’s experience in the driving simulation industry. Today, we have accelerated the advance of this technology by producing systems on which first responders can gain not only rich decision making experiences, but also life-saving driving “skills” training.


Because our systems now provide such an immersive and realistic driving experience, with vehicle dynamics that precisely mimic the actual vehicles being simulated, our nation’s first responders can have the opportunity to safely hone their skills without risk to themselves, the public or their equipment.

  • Ergonomically correct Ford Super duty drivers station.
  • Full interior dash cab rendering will immerse the student in the training.
  • Emergency equipment console complete with fully functional light switches and siren head.
  • Frame constructed out of aluminum for the lightest weight system possible.
  • Upgrade to a full motion cab for an addition to the already realistic feel.
  • 5.1 theater sound with a 200w tactile transducer in the seat for curb strikes and other changes in the terrain.