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Excel Driver Services,LLC (EDS), was formed in 2001, building a new generation of training programs to include simulation platforms for Military and private industry training. Since then, Excel has trained in excess of 110,000 corporate employees, military personnel and general public, currently training an estimated 10,000 students annually.

The founders of EDS began educational training in 1996 as a small training company, entering the simulation world in 1998 utilizing simulation systems as part of its training process. A pioneer in creating tools that impact industry, EDS delivers nationwide training programs for its customers.


Upon starting EDS in 2001 as a continuation of training from their previous company, the owners were compelled to press forward to redesign concepts for an effective educational experience, focusing on specialized training. After dealing with partners from competing simulation manufacturers in their previous company, they set on a mission to be an agent of change when it comes to developing employees in the workplace. Not satisfied with prior attempts to develop relationships with simulation manufacturers, they forged ahead to find their own path; one that eventually led to the development of their own brand of simulation most effective for their customers.

The lack of depth of other manufacturers, and their unwillingness to change and develop more effective systems for the industries they served, was the catalyst for Excel to build their own systems. Thus they could provide training for their own curriculum and deliver better results to industry. This allowed them to provide unparalleled results in military, oil field and a variety of other industries. Excel has been dedicated ever since, to design and build systems that had a different set of deliverables: “to provide customers with innovative, behavior-based training platforms and deliver quantifiable results.”

Sim-Tech, as a Division of EDS is driven by the concept of “We Deliver Results, NOT Hardware”™ Sim-Tech now delivers more advanced training technology to its customers in ways no other company currently offers. It leverages proprietary, next-generation technology; creates best-in-class training and education with advanced training systems, and relentlessly works toward a zero-incident culture. Now one company, Excel and Sim-Tech are setting their sights on offering both training and technologically advanced training tools for the market in package programs that deliver results. The goal of full integration of training and technology is available to customers, and the Company will be taking the market as a US based, international training and educational leader.