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Mobile Simulation

Going mobile with Driving Simulation Systems has tremendous advantages in providing training to smaller, and more remote agencies, but along with these advantages come some serious challenges, and unexpected costs that need to be thought out before one builds a mobile classroom program.

The purchasing agency must purchase a trailer to house the simulator, and often a heavy duty vehicle to tow it. The trailer has to have a source of power and climate control to protect the equipment and provide comfort for training.

Our Driving Sims are ideally suited for mobile training. Installed with half the weight, and one third the power requirement of the competition, our sims allow for lighter trailers, smaller generators, and less A/C capacity.

Lighter trailers, with two axles instead of three, are easier to pull with smaller vehicles, and much easier to turn in tight situations. These factors are realized in savings as much as 20% over competitive systems.

Simulation Technology also provides proven enhancements in its trailer design

  • Wireless modem
  • Weekend low energy heating and battery charging connections
  • Awnings
  • Our custom barn door “plug ‘n play” configuration
  • And most important … extended warranty.

Just ask your Sim-Tech representative about mobile configurations that would be ideally suited for your training needs.