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Fire Pump Panel Series

Pump Pro™ software allows instructors to set up and then save, training situations that are combinations of water sources, intakes, pump configurations, discharges, water sinks, and other environmental and vehicle-related conditions. All technical parameters such as water capacities, hose lengths, friction coefficients, and more are stored in a database. Trained instructors can create new-customized versions of standard scenario situations or edit existing scenarios to add entirely new set of challenges based on changes to the hoses, water sources, pumps, or vehicle as desired.

All controls on the Pump Panel Model S are functional and controllableAll controls on the Pump Panel Model S are functional and controllable

  • Discharge Valves
  • Physical Connections
  • Relief Valve
  • Pump Primers
  • Drain Valves

Integration with Sim-Tech Driving Simulators
If you are the proud owner of an existing Sim-Tech driving simulator, this integration is even easier. Use your existing login credentials to enjoy the same benefits of the Drive Prodigy™ Learning Management System. Train in an environment with multiple users simultaneously.

  • Stand-alone system
  • Integration with existing Sim-Tech Driving Simulators

The fire pump panel series includes the Model S (side mount) and Model T (top mount) and includes all aspects of fire-pump operations. Sim-Tech customers have the option to configure their system- components to replicate multiple configurations. Apparatus controls, touch screen controls and physical gauges are configured on our aluminum chassis to replicate your exact equipment. When using the Fire Pump Panel Simulator for training, the instructor is able to augment various aspects of the scenario including:

Water Sources
Configurable internal water boost tank, water tank size, hydrants, single & two-stage pump ability

Pumping Evolutions
Configurable hose sizes & lengths, hose nozzles, water supplies

Various Engine Conditions
Low oil pressure, air pressure, battery voltage, engine temperature, pump temperature, check engine, stopped-engine, low fuel

Foam System
Configurable foam tank size, foam type, foam tank level, foam discharges