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Display Systems

The views from the seats of our driving sims are unique in the industry.  Sim-Tech integrates five (5) 46 inch, 1920x1080, HD LED monitors, with ultrathin bezels for a near seamless 230 degrees horizontal field-of-view.  Sim-Tech’s unique arrangement of the monitors provides a B-Pillar to B-Pillar field-of-view that is geometrically accurate to the real vehicle relative to the driver’s eye-point.  This geometrically correct cab rendering allows—and require—the student to turn his or her head as far to the right and left as would be required in the real vehicle when clearing complex intersections.  This is especially important when entering intersections at an oblique angle.  This design eliminates the negative training associated with compressed images, slewing, or other manipulation of the virtual environment.

Vertical orientation of the left / right angular screens provides a continuation of the vehicle’s interior for better orientation of the virtual edges of the vehicle, rendering of the A-Pillars, and location of the mirrors and look-down into and across intersections.  This feature significantly helps the student to quickly adapt to the rendered vehicle within the GEO world.


The exact graphic replication of the mirrors is also a Sim Tech exclusive. Sim Tech’s mirrors are drawn with the shape and exact position of each vehicle’s actual mirrors, as opposed to rectangles hanging in space. This is just one more feature that assists students’ physiological engagement within the simulation system. These extra features are important to the success of every training program. Students must become comfortable with driving the simulated vehicle in the simulated world before they can be exposed to complex scenarios involving multi-tasking, decision making and actual skills training. Reducing time required for the student to develop this comfort level, increases time available for effective training.

Sim Tech uses the Samsung Ultra-thin bezel commercial 46 inch HD LED monitors, with a refresh rate of at least 60 Hz, and a native resolution of 1920x1080. The ultra-thin bezel—the thinnest available in the industry today—provide less than 1/2 inch separation (only 11.5mm) between graphic scenes. This feature provides a near seamless field-of-view, and makes it easier to identify the A-Pillars and locate the mirrors.