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Computer & Operating System


The entire driving simulation system (5 screens & complete cab) and instructor operating station runs on One PC. Sim-Tech’s single computer uses an Intel multi-core processor running a Windows 7 platform. The computer is equipped with dual mirrored hard drives for zero down time in the unlikely event of hard drive failure. Providing all graphic channels with a single PC eliminates networking issues and significant down time inherent in all other systems and provides much faster initial system startup and shutdown at the end of the day. It is estimated that a single PC system is between 6 to 12 times as reliable as a system relying on 5 to 9 networked computers. Software upgrades are a snap, taking only a minute or two (depending on internet connection). And the potential cost of future hardware upgrades is greatly diminished in comparison to systems using five or more computers.

Instructor Operator System

The Operator’s Station is includes a wireless keyboard, mouse and 23 inch LCD monitor. Our simplified operator’s console is designed for ease of use.  It allows the instructor to monitor and control both the student’s drive and environmental conditions that have important training value.  Familiar graphic controls such as sliders, radio buttons, and combo-boxes are easy-to-use alternatives to having to remember keyboard commands in controlling the simulation.  Keyboard commands are still available for experienced instructors who wish to work with the student using a remote keyboard or pad.


As a trainer, you can stop and replay the students’ scenarios to highlight teaching points at any time during the drive scenario. You can also look at and or share different views of the scenario as well.  While the student is driving the scenario, the instructor can, in addition to whatever is already scripted, change the weather, time of day, volume/loads of the vehicles where pertinent.

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