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Learn About Simulation Technologies

Simulation Technology, LLC was established in 2009 to leverage our proprietary, next-generation technology to create the best possible driver training simulation systems for First Responders.  We have succeeded in doing just that for First Responder in the United States, and we are broadening our horizons by bringing our technology to the world.

Providing the first-ever systems with the reliability of a single PC to run simulators built with the vehicle manufacturers’ actual cabs—and real vehicle dynamics—we have set the new industry benchmark.

Our members have years of experience in the industries that matter most in the driving simulation market. Our team includes experts in software, engineering, manufacturing and training from the automotive, electronics, and driver simulation industries. Many of our extended team members are also active or veteran First Responders.

Our simulation systems are designed by trainers for trainers; with the reliability and portability of a single PC and the unparalleled skills training available from our real cabs and accurate vehicle dynamic-sour.  Our locations in Elburn, Illinois (Chicago) & Henderson, Colorado (Denver) places us in the hearts of both the wild west & american hearted cities. Our locations are ready to support your training programs with the most technologically advanced simulation systems in the world.

All of us involved with the company have years of experience in the industries that matter most in the safety industry to build an incredibly successful product line to bring Safety to the masses without compromise. 


The Sim Tech team comprises of members in:

Transportation & Logistics

  • Oil & Gas
  • Agriculture
  • Energy Distribution
  • Construction
  • Waste Disposal

First Responders

  • Fire / EMT
  • Law Enforcement
  • Paramedic / EMT


  • Simulation Platforms
  • Custom Trailers
  • Fleet Maintenance


  • Simulation Development
  • Software Engineering
  • Data Analytics
  • Communication Networking

Benefits From Our Training